About Me

Bart Cline was born in California, USA.

After finishing school he studied film making before abruptly leaving the country to travel. His experiences on the road form the basis for many scenes from his first novel, Wanderlove.

Instead of returning to the USA as he had planned, he stayed in Europe for another year, and then another, before marrying and settling in northern England. Always restless, short careers in publishing, graphics, and IT kept bread on the table.

When his wife passed away due to cancer, he re-thought his life and turned to writing as a career.

Mr Cline has two children and is remarried.

Copout, Mr Cline’s 2013 novel, is a thought-provoking police thriller about a detective who works out the clues to his cases in his dreams.

His newest book, Send Him Victorious, is an amazing epic thriller about what would happen if today’s kings and queens ruled with absolute authority as in the past. How would it affect his or her family, country, and the world? Buy and read to find out!