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Today’s Writing Club exercise consisted of a number of short bits to warm up, followed by a piece based on one of them. 1st: An opening line based on time. Once upon a time, time weighed heavily upon the once-timely clockmaker. 2nd: A confession. If I told you that I […]

Plastic Obsession

This story was written for an exercise in Writing Club, the setup of which I don’t remember – but I like it, so I’m publishing it here. The last one got ideas. A stack of coins here, a stack of notes there – who would notice? No one knew how […]

The Paymistress

The exercise in our Thursday night writing club was this. We were given a prompt, which is a line to begin writing with. After a minute or two of writing, the prompter interrupted us with another prompt, which we had to immediately insert into the story and continue writing. The […]

How not to do flash fiction