The Age of Kings is back with a vengeance.

Alfred II, the good-hearted but iron-willed King of England, seizes the power once wielded by his ancient ancestors in a quest to reshape the world.

But ruling a modern nation as absolute monarch has unforeseen perils.

Prince Adrian, a wastrel accustomed to a life of ease and decadence, dislikes the responsibility of heir to the New Order, descending into depression.

The ambitious Princess Frances envies Adrian’s birthright and plots to gain power herself.

The King’s long-time friend, the traditionalist Archbishop Youngblood, turns against and seeks to destroy the Royal Family.

Civil war looms as factions rise up, resurrecting a centuries-old conspiracy against the Monarchy.

Worst of all, the US President takes issue with the renewed autocracy, threatening war against its former ally.

Can one man stand against his family, his country, and the world?

A truly modern thriller with a dramatic link to the past, bringing the intrigues, powerplays, and skullduggery of the Age of Kings into modern times!

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Copout Cover



Donovan Stone loves three things: movies, police work, and his best friend Jessica. But despite being a hero in a terror siege, his abrasive attitude gets him thrown off the force. And Jessica won’t have him. And his movie posters are gathering dust. But in his dreams Stone processes the clues, and they’re coming together. Can he get the police to listen to him before the terrorists strike again?

Reviewers on Amazon US and UK wrote: “A great read if you want punchy, hard-boiled dialogue and loads of action.” “I really enjoyed this book, with its mix of the dire reality of everyday life and the escapism of the dream world.” “I especially love Bart’s comfortable, yet sophisticated, use of language.” “It’s a book that can be talked about and contemplated. Well done!” “The author keeps the reader on edge with the varying dream sequences.” And they’re just getting started!

If a man’s dreams are better than life, then what is the incentive to wake up?

Donovan Stone, abrasive police detective, aficionado of classic films, and widower, is such a man. Devastated after being fired from the force following a violent crime, he is unable to officially investigate the incident and bring the perpetrators to justice. Spiralling into dejection, Donovan’s life could be considered no more successful or happy than a train wreck. His only hope is the affection of a woman, who also happens to be his best friend, and who does not want to engage in a romance with him.

But each night, as he sleeps, Donovan’s dreams grant him a release, living out fantasised versions of the movies he so enjoys, while gaining insights into the crime. He finds solace in his dreams, where he can enjoy the good things that life denies him. There he’s successful, happy, and free, until Donovan’s world of dreams crosses over into his reality with deadly consequences. Can he fight his way back from the brink of oblivion, save the life of the woman he is in love with (and who is not in love with him), and stop the terrorists – and will it be worth his while?

Dreams, classic movie genres, and reality meet in a dangerous cocktail.


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Four short stories:

The Treasure of Sirius Major
Business of Blood
20,000 Yards Across the Frontier
A pair of tramps between jobs meet a vagrant who has a treasure map. Joining forces, they raise the money to buy a ship and treasure-hunting gear, and cross light-years of space to the planet of Sirius Major. But first they must deal with the bandits who want to kill them for nothing more than the second-hand junk they possess. Only then can they “dig” for the fabled riches hidden for millenia… A knight and his squire, on their way home to Camelot, encounter an advance party of ruthless and deadly dark knights. While rescuing fair maidens from the evil warriors, the heroes uncover a plot to plunge the kingdom into darkness. But they have precious little time to save Britannia, and for the squire to prove he can be a knight – the enemy forces are already at the King’s gates! A woman under threat from her jilted fiancé hires a down-on-his-luck detective to help. She seems like an ordinary client, but the case gets dangerous as it becomes clear she is acting strangely, hiding something. But the detective’s penchant for whiskey and wisecracking are minor issues compared to his nocturnal lifestyle. What bloody secret does he harbor? A story after Chandler and Stoker. A lone gunfighter crosses the plains looking for a mysterious force which has been destroying farms and driving men insane, indians and settlers alike. But when he catches up to his quarry he finds himself at its mercy, and its creator at his throat. The Spaghetti Western meets 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
These stories all form part of Copout, but for this format have been altered to work as fully independent stand-alone works. Perfect for sampling the world of Copout! They are each exciting and dramatic, drawing on familiar cinematic tropes while offering something very new. Great reading for lovers of short stories, high adventure, and classic cinema!All these short stories are 99¢!


(My first novel, and very much a learning experience.)

What would you do if you were a traveller with severe wanderlust, out of your country for the first time, and you fell in love?

And what would you do if you were separated from your new love after only a few days?

Would you search an entire continent?

Colleen is a naïve young American touring Europe just after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Florian is the experienced traveller she falls in love with. He encourages her to do something she knows she shouldn’t, and then disappears. Colleen, carrying the resultant load of guilt alone, sets out to find him. With the entire European continent to search, she realises she doesn’t really know that much about him, having only a few vague leads to follow, with only her drug-addicted friend for company. A year later, having confronted her guilt and learned some uncomfortable truths about herself, will she still love Florian? Will she ever love anyone or anything again?

A novel of love and travel.


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